After finally 18 months of work, being graduated at Louvain School of management

So it was hard work but definitively it was a good choice to start an international Executive MBA

In a nutshell what I would remember

–       Experience sharing with other students in other sector

–       Having another view on the business world and all the different work area’s that needs to coordinate in order to be successful

–       The way how I approach things. Thinking more before acting

–       Interest in some area’s as Macro-economics – HR – Strategic marketing – …

–       Finally the fact to be more intrapreneur and why not one day entrepreneur


At least one point, there was no module related to IT.

Of course IT operations don’t need to be handled, but I’m convinced that day of today, most business’ couldn’t leave without IT

So a general overview of the an successful IT organization follow by enterprise digitalization would have been needed.

This as well will help in the future to have a better partnership between business leaders and IT leaders.

So there’s still some work to do to ensure that business IT alignment really happens.


2015-06-27 19.23.28

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Author: chrisfranskin