EMBA – Finance accounting module finished

Yesterday, was the last of the the second EMBA module
finance accounting

this was honestly a hard one, as without accounting background they were a lot of concepts and terms to understand.
I think I will never been an expert in this but with this training, I’m now more aware about the importance of it.

it’ s not just numbers to add and substract, but behind it there’s a whole strategy that impact highly the business.
Just thinking that a success of a company is not only marketing,sales and innovation but all functions are crucial (Accounting, IT, ;..)

Also what I found amazing what learning to understand yearly reports and again I will not be an expert but it will help me to undertand better the cie which I’m working for or will work for, also before making partnerships or deals with other cie’s,….. this will be useful to check the healthiness first.

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Author: chrisfranskin