Business travel 

5 am. Arriving at the airport for a 6 15 flight to Barcelona.  So going in 5 min trough security and arriving to gate- watching around for the 30 min time before boarding. What do you see. A lot of tourist exited to depart, schools and groups, lot of airports workers ( and really respect to them as it must be hard work, not usual working hours and probably not a good pay) and some business travellers. Last 3 years I tool probably more than 300 times the plane and honestly feeling this as part of the job. Sometimes exiting sometimes you are happy to not take it for 2 weeks … But in general you like it as you have certain habits . For my part Listing to podcast and reading a lot …. Never read so much in my life …. So not a waste of time at all but this is different for everyone I presume 

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Author: chrisfranskin