Yesterday I had the chance to assist with a good friend to a conference about startup’s and innovation.
Even with a 2h30 talk and presentation, in a room without window and during dinner time, it was great and please find below a short summary of my notes

At innovation you had
BI- Before internet moved to AI after internet
You need to be agile/lean when you have an idea -> it’s deploy or die
See how people react and adopt
Be different – cf Schumpeter –
40% of fortune 500 cie in year 2000 weren’t in the list anymore in 2010
Innovation, it doesn’t goes always he way you’ve planned and need to admin you’re stuck -> and ask for help
Great ideas can fail
Bell curve innovation


And as you’re an outsider -> you don’t know the market -> you need to try and see what happens –
You can have a market -> but no business (Niche)
You can have a business and no market
Ideally you should have a business and a market to be profitable
Innovation process
Problem -> solution> market > ressources
Between problem and solution, you create value, between solution and market you capture value
Also invest time to understand the problem, Einstein said if you have one hour to save the world I would use 59 min for understanding the problem and 1 to solve it;
Too much innovation can kill innovation, look apple in the 90 too much products, so you need to focus!!!
parody of choice

If you have too much products, consumer can’t decide and is lost again be focused.
Incremental innovation is part of 90/95% of the world total innovation

As well when asking for something – ask first for something small before going big
Psychology of innovation, when we look at something we have a blind spot, we never see the full picture, brain is filling missing spot and does this with prior knowledge

Cognitive dissonance, you want to be always right, you’re in denial if something goes wrong, and expect others will change instead of providing a service that fulfill the needs directly
How to over right this, gain knowledge (self awareness and share)-> decide what to change-> self confidence
As well the day of today, become a nowist, do now and don’t postpone otherwise you’re too late
Being agile -> short feedback loop and fast introduction of service. Deploy and adapt

Brainstorming process -> divergent zone -> groan zone, -> convergent zone -> closure zone

+ list what’s working well
– List what’s not working
? list what you don’t know
As well everybody is different, there’s not a one size fit’s all
Herman brain dominance


Be top

pictures of the event

 2014-09-24 20.28.51 2014-09-24 19.34.50 2014-09-24 19.31.07 2014-09-24 19.21.30 2014-09-24 19.20.25 2014-09-24 18.39.53 2014-09-24 18.08.32

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Author: chrisfranskin