A change story: Alice and the red queen run


We all know that world is continuously changing, we all know that tomorrow world will be different than today and ever more than yesterday.

One of the only constants is change someone told one day .

I don’t think no one will argue about this but still It’s difficult as human, organization and society to accept that we need to change continuously as we like our habits

During the time I was living in Paris, I remember one advert from one of the main radio stations over there explaining that people wants and expect change but only for the others.. it should not be me changing.

So change is a constant, resistance to change is as well one.

And here comes the power of visualization and storytelling (probably something Political leaders should use much more, on as side note)

We all know Alice in Wonderland, we have all seen this cartoon when we were younger.

I recommend to everyone to review it now as you will see that there are a lot of hidden/ shadowed information and life lessons that when we’re a child of course we don’t get it

And to be fully transparent I don’t speak about the space cakes that creates a world full of illusion, just to be clear.

But recently I’ve heard that there are more stories about Alice and one is Alice and the red queen run ….. and in short….

Alice is running with the red queen for some time and both are still next to the same three since the begin of the run.

This isn’t normal says Alice as in my world the three would have been miles behind us at this time

Red queen answers, your world is strange as the world is moving too if we would stop running the three would be far in front of us.

As we’re now running (aka changing) at same speed of the world, it’s logic that the three is at same level as us, why should we be in front of it?

But if you want to be ahead of the three said the queen,  then you need to run faster than actual world speed (personal note I would have added smarter)  

I’m still surprised that this has been written more than 150 years ago, in the middle of the second industrial revolution.

So nowadays in the 4th of 5th industrial revolution (I stopped counting) changes and re-inventing ourselves is needed more than ever.

And getting this visualised and explained in a story can support ourselves, an organisation a society to accept to continuously keep moving and not stay still or the chances to be far behind the new present will be inevitable

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Author: chrisfranskin