New book

Alice and red queen running if you run you don’t move as world is moving if you stop world moves ahead if you want to be ahead run two times faster

Client – employees – shareholder
Leadership principles and vision
Reduce meetings to maximum… written and asycnronous conversation
Monthly retro’s and 3 action owner
Focus on a+ problems

Problem statement , summary scope  what’s not context documentation  reco questions and timing
Weekly Hihlights, progress, fire objectives
An idea should not be there to convince all the entreprise .. and consensus

not always good
Coaching for all

Feedback direct,  gentil, fast to the point 
Communicate written decisions on teams reduce meetings clean agenda
Moving ahead even if 70 % is known 
Weekly all hands communication… based on highlights progressive’s fire objective
Culture of trying and error  communication channel for errors

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Author: chrisfranskin