Two weeks ago, I’ve given my resignation for many resignation. Not an easy decision, certainly when you have worked more than 7 y in the same company, in various positions, met so many people, given and received a lot and you like the company you’re working for.

But after 7 years in the same industry and with the same processes and so you start to be really in your confort zone, you start to be used to a certain way of doing this and you feel less challengeS.

So raisons of this decision
*going back to work in my homecountry after 4 years abroad
* discovering a new industry and business
* discovering new people, processes, and way of working
* learning opportunities
* personal and profesional dev.

as well it’s never easy to take this kind of decision, it’s a big step, risk, but you can only live if you are moving.

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Author: chrisfranskin