During my studies or different positions- I had the opportunity to produce some documents/research papers and as well present in front of medium and large audiences some of the activities I was leading.


Affiliate CIO in a multinational company:


Digital transformation: what’s behind the buzz word


FITCE – Belgian Young ICT personality 2016 content Finalist

Digital transformation – opportunities for the house holding waste industry 2.0 – light

Mobile Inspector – Mobile apps for monitoring of Glass Bins.

Case study Mobile Inspector v3.0


Interview in PC expert around mentoring

Interview Mentorat PCE24-3


  • Outsourcing best practices, methodes, what you need to know in a nutshell

Outsourcing – best practices

  • Recommandation lettre from the work period 201411 to 201505 as IT project manager based in Basel

Roche Diabetes care recommandation lettre

  • Final Executuve MBA paper on outsourcing in IT

EMBA_Final_Paper_Christopher Franskin 

  • How to enter into countries which cultures are totally different, what do you need to know and analyze, which strategy to adopt,…




  • Global Economic environment – What are the material impact of digital money. Professor Bruno Colmant. Paper made together with David Bouvy and Gilles Bertrand.   Global Economic Environment V1.1
  • What is the marketing strategy and operating in Netflix, and how they decided to enter Belgian Market

Marketing paper- Netflix


  • What is Roche IT Infrastructure focusing on engineering.Goal of this video was to explain by an analogy how the organisation was structured and what we’re doing. The target population was our internal partners and external talents.


  • IT Rocks 2013 – First big year event of Pharma Madrid site (PIMS° where I acted as event project leader. Totally something different than IT but by using project management skills, communication and with a great team, this event was a big success for more than 300 colleagues presents and joined at the End by the CFO/CIO and his IT leadership teams.
  • General update video  (Where I act as facilitator)

  • Event – Highlights video’s

  • Fun at work, I like the moto work hard play hard and if no fun at work why going to work. Fun could be in different ways, exciting project and challenges, meeting new people and cultures, business travelling, and sometimes just having something less work related with colleagues (this help as well to build relationship)

Pharma informatics Madrid site harlem shake