About Me

Dear visitor,

I’m Belgian based man from 1981, which is living in Brussels downtown and work in Antwerp as Sr Director in the insurance sector.

I’m a proud father of a teenager daughter and young almost teenager boy which I’ve every weekend and half of holiday’s .

I’m a kind of hyperactive and like to do a lot of things in life. I try to sport almost every day, like to go to theatre or museum, like politics and have my opinions, like macro economy and business, like as well a good movie, glass of wine or even beer, like eating, like discovering new things etc… so touching a bit of everything

I had the opportunity to live for years abroad (3y Paris, 2 in Madrid and 1 in Switzerland). As well have the chance to have travelled a lot for work and having meet a lot of people which i do think bring another perspective on the world.

I’m a proud habitant of Brussels, love my country but strongly believe in Europe too.. it’s not incompatible isn’t it?

Otherwise objective of this site, is personal branding, sharing stories and would love to hear your feedback and having great conversations.