Life is a Marathon

Waking up with coffee and podcasts, one of the presenter remembered me that life is a Marathon and not a short run

  • Don’t look on short terms results, but have a longer term vision with milestones
  • Life is long, don’t need to rush… take time
  • if you go fast and run out of air, what’s next how to come to your end goal
  • It’s all about preparation, training, commitment and hard work
  • Have fun… otherwise you will not last
  • Go at your speed, don’t try to go at another speed
  • Listen to you body and signals it’s given to you
  • During the marathon it can be that you suffer and want to abandon. Don’t let bad idea’s overrule your mental. You can do it, go till the end and beyond

Having done 2 marathons (2017 and 2018) and by writing those words, it strongly resonate and feel that I don’t apply this in my every day professional & personal life …. so good reminder

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Author: chrisfranskin