2014 Objectives

This week and as every year at the same period it’s the objective settings period.

So always tough timelines as a part is cascaded down- Group > division > function > department > team > individual

This monday we worked on the Engineering department one’s. All managers in one room reviewing first the above objectives and than with brainstorming defining between 3 to 5 specific objectives for us.

With the prework and summarisation done beforehand, in less than 3 hours we agreed on the first draft. So I’m really happy as it means that next week all should be finalised and that the cascade could continue.

Also it’s really important for our people to know what will be the priorities, which will be the work to do and what we expect from them.

2014-02-24 11.14.55

2014-02-24 11.14.54

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Author: chrisfranskin